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Effortlessly cultivate a fresh, flattering, inspiring and
confident personal style that you’ll own and love.
Dispel myths that have limited your clothing choices.
Make a better first impression, with your most fascinating traits.
Never worry about how you look again!
Look great and feel fabulous…all the time!

LEARN the two most common mistakes (along with others) that women make with their personal style and how to avoid them.

ALIGN your wardrobe with your Fascinating Personal Design. Learn how to tell your story with your clothing for a FASCINATING PERSONAL STYLE featuring the fascinating multi-faceted woman that you are.

SHIFT from telling a one-dimensional story of you, or worse yet, telling someone else’s story. I invite you to start telling your own epic adventure story in living colour and vivid detail.

Know HOW to dress the woman you’re meant to be. With massive clarity, you’ll craft an ACTION PLAN for continuing to evolve your FASCINATING PERSONAL STYLE.

Master the art of visual styling by sending the visual signals using 8 incredibly potent elements that look like you, feel like you and get noticed for all the right reasons.

Package up all that brilliance of yours into one-of-a-kind signature looks.

Feel relief and excitement as you see your FASCINATING PERSONAL STYLE emerge, and shed the doubt, hesitation and second-guessing to finally move forward… with unshakable confidence.

Enjoy the deep sense of security that comes from knowing that you’ve found your style path and are dressing aligned with your values, beliefs and purpose. And because confidence attracts, get ready to live with only what you love and bring success to match.


We’ll customize the time with me to address your challenges that are most important to you. We can focus on the aspects of getting dressed, visual communication, colour and design that have the most meaning for you. And, we’ll figure out what kind of support you need to keep moving forward in your personal style once the program is over.

Finally, you’ll create the specific style plan and success rituals you need to stay in action once the course ends… and beyond, so you can create the life and style you’ve always imagined!

On a practical level, we’ll lay the ground work for you to develop a wardrobe that serves you well…no matter the occasion. Eliminate decision fatigue when shopping your own closet or stores.

To make our time together most productive and effective, I ask that you arrive with a “style file” of inspirations or an online inspiration board that focuses on five parts of your lifestyle. I’ll go through this with you in depth, and enhance your session with detailed information including diagrams and custom illustrations of specific outfits which incorporate the lines, cuts and style inspirations that suit you. This session also includes an in-depth shopping tutorial, embracing several of the concepts of successful shopping and focusing on what to always look for and avoid.

You’ll receive:

  • A coordinated palette of 80+ colors based on your hair, skin and eyes, your personal intensity, voice, energy and walk.
  • Your colour combinations, why and how to use them.
  • Your Seasonal Design Reference – The seasonal frame of reference and how it supports you throughout your life.
  • Virtual Wardrobe Plan – Receive further illumination of your FASCINATING PERSONAL STYLE recommendations with a Virtual Style File created by Loretta Marie. Loretta Marie will spend three hours creating a custom Fascinating Personal Style Pinterest Board of both inspirations and items that are currently available for purchase based upon your individual Fascinating Personal Design. She’ll then explain and edit the board with you in a one-hour in-person or Zoom session.


Learn in-depth techniques for expressing your true self throughout your entire wardrobe. Fresh ideas for make-up, hair styles and shopping strategies revealing all the FACETS & ASSETS that make you memorable.

Receive a customized Complete Clothing & Style Guide with the illustrations and techniques covered in your one-on-one experience. Your custom color palette will be shipped to you directly within several weeks of your experience.

This is “The Plan” that will be used for all your future wardrobe planning and shopping decisions.


This custom private support is available by application only. I appreciate the opportunity to serve at a very high level and dedicate a limited amount of time each year to work personally with women who want to understand their own singular individuality…their most authentic self and are ready to set it free into the world.

While I’m based in Nevada, in the Reno/Carson City/Lake Tahoe Area, out-of-state clients have flown in for styling. Or we can work virtual long-distance from the comfort of your home or office…no matter where you’re located in the world.

Apply to work with Loretta Marie privately here. (limited spots available)

What People Are Saying

I love sharing your stories of success and hope to see you here one day soon!

Loretta, you have this special intuitive quality that enables you to see the real me. You read people better than anyone I’ve ever encountered, and you’ve helped me to feel so totally comfortable with who I am. – Robyn, NV USA

Goodness Loretta, that is uncannily accurate. I’m a bit shocked! Yes, that’s very like me. I had no idea that the conclusions would be so insightful, helpful and detailed.- Carol, United Kingdom

I finally feel confident to choose my own clothes, jewelry, and hairstyles. I now know what looks best on me! I feel beautiful and confident.- Mary, NV USA

My workbook is gorgeous!!! I love looking at all the colors, and can’t wait to go shopping!! Thank you so much. P. S. I’ve thanked my sister a million times for this! It’s so extravagant but a total necessity!! – Marjie, NV USA

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